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Fabric Printing On Silk Chinese Dupion 19mm (041)

Choose the 19mm Dupioni (041) silk for your printing needs, if you want an organic textured silk. Dupioni Silk (meaning double) is produced when two or more silkworms spin their cocoons closely together. These slightly tangled cocoons produce filament that is rough, uneven and not as strong as cultivated silk. It is usually reeled and used to make fine or heavy yarns with pronounced irregular slubs at random intervals. Dupioni is easy to dye, so fabrics are often brightly colored. It is commonly used for home furnishings products such as draperies and pillow coverings.

Start your fabric printing project for as little as $8.00 on our Silk Chinese Dupion 19mm.

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See our care instructions for fabric printing on Silk Chinese Dupion 19mm fabricationcare_instructions.

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