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Printing On Polyester Interlock Knit (131-NP)


A great choice for digital fabric printing, our Poly Interlock 2700 is a special type of eight-lock knit cloth. The stitch variation of the rib stitch generally resembles a double 1 x 1 ribbed fabric that is inter-knitted with crossed sinker wales. The fabric has a smooth surface on both sides, and possesses good wearing qualities. It is very durable and has a great stretch. It has various end uses, including women’s athletic wear.

Poly Interlock is available in Non-Permanent fabric printing.

Test print your design on this fabric today! Contact Us to request an 8"x10" swatch.

care_instructions See Care Instructions for this Fabrication.

See product ideas for what you can make out of your digitally printed polyester interlock: 



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